Weekly Response

From the response we are receiving it can be said, it’s working.  Just by looking at our polling numbers we know it’s working.

7/11/04:    I wish these former ESPN sports analysts would stop being against my campaign, since I’m a minority.  A fundraiser would be in order.

7/18/04:    Question, why is it that some people, who have worked for ESPN over the years, think that they own the American flag?

7/25/04:    I’m getting way too many calls from reporters in Washington D.C.

8/1/04:    I know most men agree with me on many things.  In today’s world some don’t want to say it.  I’ll say it for them.

8/8/04:    I appreciate that you think I will have a mandate.

8/15/04:    So you think I’m a loose cannon.

8/22/04:    If you insist I am a force of one.

8/29/04:    If you’re mad that I said it or that it’s being said at all, I can assure you someone else is thinking it.

9/5/04:    Try it my way for four years.  If it doesn’t work, we can always go back to doing nothing.

9/12/04:    I don’t think the media is interested in stopping Yucca Mountain.  If they were, they would be talking more about my website.

9/19/04:    We should eliminate all laws about campaign finance reform.  This is a free republic.  Let everyone spend what they want, with no restrictions.  How many different ways can you say something anyhow?  A website says is all.

9/26/04:    The Factor has seen my website on Iraq.

10/3/04:    I think I can get the most votes ever per dollar spent in an election in political history.

10/10/04:    I was right!!!  The media has just stated that I will have a book deal.

10/17/04:    Miracles happen once in a while:  Elvis, 1969 Mets, 1981 U.S. Olympic hockey team, 1985 Villanova basketball team, and garynvsenator.com 2004 website.

10/24/04:    I told you to bet the Miami Dolphins under 8 wins.

10/31/04:    No comment today since I am out trick or treating with Melissa, Mark, and Michael.

11/7/04:    IT’S OFFICIAL, I NOW HAVE A MANDATE.  It’s obvious that as the future governor of Nevada in 2006, I am the pipples choice.

11/17/04:    Future appearances and endorsements are pouring in.  I’m already at 69% in the polls in the 2006 governor race.

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