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Representing the Natural Law Party I have been nominated and I have accepted my party’s nomination for Nevada United States Senator in 2004 (Two thousand and fowa).  Now let’s take back Nevada.

Gary Marinch TCB for Nevada

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There are no other issues this is the only issue.

Thank you to all who voted for me in the 2004 Nevada U.S. Senate election.  We received a record 10 votes for every dollar spent.  I have a message for Mr. Bush, Mr. Guinn, and every senator and congressman in Washington D.C.  When I become governor in 2006, I will do what a governor should do.  I will take the Nevada national guard up to Yucca Mountain and dismantle that repository, and defy the U.S. government to stop me.  It will be a replay of the early 1960’s and George Wallace vs. JFK, only I will be in the right and all Nevadans will be with me, except Papa Joe.  I can assure you the last chapter has not been written.  As a newly crowned political operative, I can state that all indicators show that I will be able to raise one billion dollars for the 2006 Nevada governor campaign.

Our Poll

Gary Marinch   69%                                       Website designed by:
Harry Reid        18%                                       Morgan Schefflin
Thomas Hurst     6%
David Schumann 6%
Richard Ziser      1%

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