Closing Comments

Gary Marinch the “Pop Culture” Candidate

To all Nevadans:  As your next Nevada United States Senator, I will put forth an effort like they have never seen in Washington D.C.  I play to win every minute of everything I do.  I will bring everything I have to this fight, right to the senate floor.  I won’t leave it at home, I’ll leave it in the arena.  I can assure you they will know I was there.  More then likely they will be sorry they ever met me and may want to pay me to leave the state.

A United States Senator can only have a small effect on a majority of the issues that affect the state.  There are fifty issues we could discuss and probably agree or disagree on all of them.  These are issues for the governor and local politicians to handle in most cases.  Most issues in Washington D.C. will be voted for or against with national consequences.  But one issue and one issue only has Nevada STAMPED on it, YUCCA MOUNTAIN.  This is the real issue a Nevada U.S. Senator can have an affect on for Nevadans.  If it wasn’t such a critical situation, I could discuss many issues at length, and quote famous politicians, such as T.P.N.G. (from 1967).  Then I could tell you I’m for motherhood, country, and the flag, but we don’t have a lot of time.  We need to press this issue now.

People like to come to Nevada and run over the state.  McCain attacks our income, Maxim dumps on UNLV and leaves the pieces behind, (can we please rename Paradise road to Tarkanian Parkway.) and we have the farce called Yucka.  It’s time for action, if you want the status-quo and are happy with lawyers filing papers and ringing they’re own cash registers, then it’s not me you want.  When you back a man into a corner, eventually even the most calm and quiet guy will fight.  Now, are we there yet?  If we don’t want to have a real battle then lets stop wasting money, filing papers, and writing articles and just accept it as coming.  You know there is a train coming toward Nevada.  It’s the Yucca train.  It is traveling on a road that is tilted slightly downhill.  A maximum effort will be required to stop it.  Who said we must control the tempo of the game?  To all Nevadans:  We must control the tempo of this game.  It’s already getting out of control.

Now I’m ready, I have the energy, desire and determination to get down in the mud and fight.  I will not be comfortable and will make sure nobody else in Washington D.C. is.  I don’t want to fit in, I want to offend everyone, all day, everyday till I’m sure they are listening.  As a matter of fact, I like being me.  With my reputation I get blamed for things I didn’t even do or say.  I like it.

Who said I give, you give, we get, you can’t out give God? (Thank you B.H.).  In Washington it’s I take, you take, and we take.  This Washington D.C. Comfort Zone stinks! (DCCZ).  Right now I’m trying to rile up the whole state of Nevada (It takes an instigator to do that).  We all know that we count for very little in Washington.  We have to force them to hear us.  Everyone in the state needs to be angry and show it.  I am waiting to be unleashed.  All Nevadans have to do is make up their minds.  I think most people will agree with me.  I’m used to saying what people are thinking.  Now most of these stuffed shirts that don’t want to roll up their sleeves and get down in the mud, don’t have to worry.  You can stop pussyfootin’ around, take care of your little wife, and I’ll take care of this and I’ll say it for you.  Remember this, the government is very good at keeping us off track.  They promise things, make statements to appease us and confuse us.  Fake left, turn right, and follow the bouncing ball is part of their strategy.  Don’t worry I will stay focused on the issue.

I have never been in politics before.  I am not polished, so what?  I don’t like to wear a suit.  There may be a misspelled word somewhere, so what?  I may mispronounce something in a speech, or you may think I’m joking around a little.  Doesn’t matter.  Some of the things I’ve said here may seem to make no sense, because only certain people may know what I’m talking about in a particular statement I make.  As voters, some of these little things just don’t matter.  What matters is staying focused on this issue and not getting off the track.  I have a clear message and I owe no one any favors.  I am in the proper place, at the proper time, with the proper mission.  I have a plan, I don’t shoot from the hip.  I know I’ll be outnumbered, that’s okay.  Whatever it takes.  To all Nevadans:  Don’t ever mistake laughter to mean a lack of responsibility.  Question, why take on this challenge?  I think a person can do anything they want to do.  I choose this for now.  Who said, “If life and business are just games there is no sense in viewing each move as life or death; there is no reason to be afraid, to be aggressive, or take chances.  The reality is that there is no way you’re going to get out of this thing alive, anyway, so why play a conservative game.”

When I win and go to Washington D.C. I will have a website which will be updated monthly.  On it, I will expose every fraud and abuse of spending that I can find for the U.S. citizens to see and evaluate.

When this country was formed, people went to Washington D.C. for a limited time, to do a job and go home.  They were not to stay there for a career.  In America, it’s in God we Trust not in career politicians.  The battle lines are drawn and the chips will fall.  I ask for your vote and would like to be allowed to help Nevada fulfill its destiny.  Question, is Nevada ready?  What Nevada needs is someone to go to Washington D.C. who can’t STAND being there.  Remember this:  If we refuse to fight for the dignity of truth, we have substituted expediency for justice.  TO NEVADANS:  I promise you this, they are not going to know one moment’s peace…. —-.

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