1.    Yucca Mountain

2.    Term limits

3.    Pork (on a bill)

There is only one issue at center stage with regard to Nevada, Yucca Mountain.  A U.S. Senator can only do so much for Nevada when voting on issues because most affect the whole country.  Local officials have to deal with these issues here in the state as they come up.  One issue has Nevada written all over it when the Senate and Congress vote (Yucca Mountain).

I have no intention to win friends.  My job is to not get along.  I will fight, disrupt, confuse, obviscate, ingominiate and caboodilate until Nevada gets a favorable resolution on this issue.  The best thing is that I don’t want to be there.  What Nevada is doing now is not working.  We are wearing suits, hiring lawyers, spending money, filing papers and trying to get along.  They don’t even know or care who we are.  They have no respect at all for Nevada.  I will bring this issue to the table everyday, all day long, in every meeting, even in meetings I’m not supposed to be at.

We are fighting a public relations battle on this issue and we don’t even know how to fight it.  Why are we talking about Yucca being ninety miles from Las Vegas.  Let’s talk about how it’s approximately twenty miles from Armagosa Valley.  Don’t they count, also?  To all the people in Carson City, Reno, Lake Tahoe etc., don’t feel left out because Yucca Mountain is so far away from you.  If they win this battle we all lose.  The next thing they dump on this state, could be up north.  Let’s circle the wagons now.

What we need to do is decide where to put the waste.  How about shove it up the rear ends of all these people who think they are miserable experts on what sound science is?  For example, Tom Osborne of Nebraska, who knows nothing about steroids but is a nuclear waste expert.  Governor Bill Richardson from New Mexico, another expert, and Ms. (miserable) Blockhead Congresswomen from Georgia.  What does she know anyway?  Isn’t her nose in enough other places?  She should be fulfilling her role in life as a dishbag and bake some cookies, also David Hobson of Ohio, Larry Craig of Idaho, and Conrad Burns of Montana.  Then we have Chuck Hagel, another Nebraska expert.  We have so many experts in Nebraska we can move the waste there and they can watch it day and night.  John Shimkus of Illinois, he and his friends should visit Yucca Mountain on a junket, paid at the industries expense.  They should stay at the site for six months in a tent, then tell us about sound science.  John Sununu can join all of them.  Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, of course a nuclear waste expert for the better part of a hundred and eighty five years.  How about in the backyard of any other carpetbagger senator or congressman we can find, all blowhard experts.  These no count pieces of trash, who exactly do they think they are?  Question, how many of these people would be willing to live in Armagosa Valley for five years after the repository was up and running at full capacity?  Republicans and Democrats are both in on it.  Why?  If Yucca is stopped, who will say they want it in their state?  We are waiting for an answer.  Speak up, please.

The other two issues affect Yucca like this.  I want to put one bill before the senate.  “Remove the nuclear waste repository from Yucca Mountain in Nevada.”  I want no other issues on the bill, no pork will be necessary.  I am prepared to fight all other senators 98 to 1 (excluding Ensign), one at a time, nose to nose, face to face about this, right on the senate floor.  I have no intention of going through hoops to get my bill to the floor for a vote.  Now we have pork and term limits.  Two terms in the senate or congress (not including President) that’s it.  Only two terms in Washington.  These people have been there too long, they need to leave.  After twenty-thirty years all they care about is getting re-elected.  They are all on committees and they load up bills with garbage and pass votes around.  It’s like a legal payoff system. Backroom deals.  They owe lobbyists and are owed.  Let’s make a deal.  This is a farce and we pay the bill.  At the same time they don’t have the guts to fight the real war on drugs and border protection.  Why?  They don’t want to step on anyone’s toes because they need to get I, me, myself and I bleeping re-elected.  The Republicans and Democrats are really not at odds.  In the end, they both wind up voting together to spend money.  They vote to spend money on things they don’t want, just to get what they do want.  That is the pork.  Then after hours, they all go to the same parties and get along.  I want to crash the party.

Recently, an article appeared in the Las Vegas Review Journal on June 25th 2004, saying that there was not enough funding for Yucca and they might have to lay off workers.  This is BS!  They’re trying to appease us in a campaign season.  Question, who wants to bet that the funding will show up in 2005.  They can fund a billion dollar war, but can’t find money for Yucca Mountain.  Question, who is lying now?  Then another article appeared in the Las Vegas Review Journal on July 10th 2004.  It says that Nevada won a court ruling.  So now lets cheer, it must be over.  We have won, and here is more political campaign nonsense.  It is designed to make us fall asleep.  It’s not hard.  We can’t get off the track here.  This is a smokescreen.  If we have won and it’s over, then the governor should already have a crew at Yucca taking it all apart.  Question, whose payroll is Bob List on anyhow?  There is one possible explanation for the ruling of the judges on July 9, 2004.  They heard I was coming.  They read on May 15, 2004 of my filing to run for office and also heard of my first speaking session on June 28, 2004 with the Charleston Neighborhood Preservation Group and saw my website, which was up as of July 2, 2004.  By July 9, 2004 they backed off and ruled in favor of Nevada.  It must be working already.  The problem is that articles on July 13, 2004 and July 14, 2004 in the Las Vegas Review Journal tell us that the U.S. government and the Department of Energy are to continue work at the repository.  I guess that means it’s time for us to file more papers.  What we have here is a battle shaping up.  It’s Marinch vs. The United States Government.  It’s not a fair match, but who cares what happens to the U.S. government as long as Nevada gets that repository moved out of here.  (Thank You E.B.)

We already have enough spots in Nevada that a terrorist might attack:  Boulder Dam, Nellis Air Force Base, any Casino and now Yucca Mountain.  Question to Washington, how many more do we need?

There are thirty to fifty other issues I could talk about, some of which I have mentioned on this website.  If I was in a room with a hundred people we could talk all night on whether we agree or disagree about all these issues and still be at odds on most.  None are as important as Yucca Mountain to Nevadans.  We need to stand up now or stop wasting money and time and then just let it go.  We need to stop appeasing Nevadans with talk, this is an all or none battle.  I say let’s fight and let the chips fall where they may.

To all the people I know:  I hope I haven’t disappointed you.  You know I very seldom like to speak my mind.  If all goes well, by the time we are through the incumbent will vote for me.

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