About the Candidate

I am a former Republican, why is this?

I’ve been a real estate investor for 25 years.  I play golf three days per week, which gives me time to think about all of this.

My wife is a teacher, who thinks I’m the second greatest man in America.  The first is a florist in Ohio.  My daughter, Melissa, expects to record a song soon, that I am writing.  My eldest son, Mark, expects to play for the New York Yankees.  My youngest son, Michael, thinks that he is Spiderman.


1.    U.S. citizen

2.    Nevada resident for 28 years

3.    I have a problem with the U.S. government and its treatment of Nevada

4.    I have concerns about the future of this state

5.    I have no experience in politics, so I haven’t broken any campaign promises

6.    I owe no one political favors

7.    I will not accept any pork on the one and only bill I plan to propose at this time

8.    I want to impose term limits on myself.  I do not choose this as a career. I will be in a miserable mood when I arrive in Washington.                                                                                                                                                                             Question? do you feel that you have arrived?  For the answer call The North American Dream builders (George Metz).

9.    I am ready to fight.  There will be no comfort when I arrive.

10.  I won my party’s primary

11.   I have apprenticed for 20 years at the North Gym

Other positions I have held:

1.    President, co-founder and general manager of The Superfly Club

2.    President of The Penthouse Gang’s Club

3.    Instigator

4.    Nit picker

5.    Obviscator

6.    Part time journalist position has been offered to me by W-O-MEN

7.    Have been asked to be the cheer miester for W-O-MEN (http://www.w-o-men.com) in 2005

8.    Manager of a limited liability company

9.    Owner of a beauty salon, “Style Seven” aka Blabbermouth’s (franchises available)

10.  25 year association with SMS and associates, a multi-faceted organization which has brought untold love and success to all who have been touched.

Positions I may hold in the future:

1.    Journalist for W-O-MEN (http://www.worldorgmen.com) or USA Today

2.    May write the Win With Whyin comic strip

3.    Idea man for E.I.B

4.    Teach a real estate seminar on how to make your first deal as a real estate exchanger

5.    Fundraiser

6.    I am looking at a job with major league baseball as a Mr. Fix it.  Will solve runaway salary and cost problems.  This is an easy fix, with the solution already in hand.

7.    Start a company that will design websites.  We will undoubtedly be the leader in political innovative websites.

What my wife says to Nevadans:  “If you want him, you can have him.”

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