2004 Election

I would prefer Bush/Gore II.  It would be a much better race and make great show time.  I’m not sure why the Democrats let Howard Dean go.  All because he made a comment to some guy at a rally in Iowa he seemed to lose all of his momentum.  He was the threat.  He energized the party.  Kerry can’t even energize his wife.  She’s the emotion who stirs things up.  It would seem that to unseat a popular incumbent in the middle of a war, one would need some of that Dean emotion.  Kerry should stop talking about Vietnam.  Democrats in 1998 said there is no need to talk about sex and the past.  Vietnam is thirty plus years old.  Talk about the economy and how we have no possible way out of the Middle East.  There is no way out.  It is World War III.

I would not be upset if Kerry wins, because if he loses then we could be stuck with Hilary in 2008.  Then we would have eight more years of nonsense.  The worst of it is that by 2016 we will have completed thirty-six years of Bush and Clinton (including the eight years of Bush 41 as vice president).  This, I do not think, is good for the country.

I have received a vote of confidence from a Ted Kennedy supporter.  He stated that we are going to work on the 2004 campaign to get rid of this thing on the national level.

I would support Pat Buchanan and Alan Keyes in anything they do.

Our Presidential poll shows: Bush at 38%, Kerry at 37%, Marinch at 22%, and Nader at 3%.  I’m over one half as popular as either one and I’m not even running for President.

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