War on Nevada

War was declared on Nevada many years ago.  It is now Nevada vs. U.S. Senate/Congress and Secretary of Energy, Spencer Abraham and his little Department of Energy.  The Senate and the house act like the enemy, they are not our friends on the issue of Yucca Mountain.  We can call this Nevada War I.  We can also call this “Nevada Held Hostage by the United States Government.”  We don’t count.  Hilary Clinton said it on national television during the 2000 election mess in Florida.  She stated that the electoral college needs to be eliminated, and others supported her, but few opposed her.  Not that they care about Nevada anyway, but why would any presidential candidate come here again if there was no electoral college?  All they would need, would be to get close to half of the votes in the state.  They would not need to win the state.  The base of the party would take care of those votes.  If you only need to win the popular vote then you campaign in the twelve to fifteen states with the greatest population to secure the maximum number of votes that you might need.  Part of the reason for the electoral college is so that all states, no matter how small, have a voice.  Hilary Clinton’s comments were a direct attack on Nevada and other minority states that have nine or less electoral votes.  Let’s silence the minority.  Is this the future policy of Washington D.C.?  We must treat this like a war and fight like it is one.

Question, might the founding fathers not called the elimination of the electoral college treason?

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