Reparations in Advance

The United States government needs to give five hundred thousand dollars per person immediately to anyone who is a Nevada resident as of July 4th 2004.  This should be paid immediately in advance of the outcome on Yucca Mountain.  This is due just because of the harassment of our residents and the nature of this murderous attempt.  This payment will give all Nevadans the opportunity to move on or they can stay knowing that Yucca may be here for good.  This is the only alternative plan that is acceptable.

We should give double reparations to all residents who work or worked at Yucca Mountain.  Also, some payment should be made for those who worked at Yucca, but are no longer residents.  Some may say, where is the money coming from?  Who cares!  The government should spend money like water or like the Yankees and Red Sox.  They should spend money till they grow so big they burst.  Then they can dismantle both and the government, like baseball, can clean house and start over.  Employees of both can work work for eight dollars an hour to start, if you qualify.

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