What a Governor Should Do

1.    A governor is in position to really fight this battle. Maybe, he could mobilize the Nevada National Guard and have them go up and dismantle the Yucca Mountain repository.

2    Have a session of lawmakers in Nevada, draw up a resolution in Nevada that makes it unlawful to lie to Nevadans in an election where eventual harm or injury will occur.  Make it retroactive to 2000 and immediately take back the four electoral votes and give them to Al Gore.  Declare him the winner and give him four full years.  No Presidential election will then be needed in 2004.

3.    Try to pass a Nevada law that says we will put out a warrant, extradite and bring to trial all who voted in favor of Yucca Mountain in the Senate and Congress.  The charge could possibly be attempted murder.  Hire a law firm and pay them ten million dollars to get the proper wording for this law. Make this retroactive to whenever we want.  The tax increase in the late 90’s was retroactive, and therefore, this precedent allows anything to be retroactive.  Some will say you can’t do that (a phrase spoken to me many times in my life).  That’s ok, we can rename a small town in Nevada and call it San Francisco, Nevada because in San Francisco you make your own laws and do what you want.  All laws now get passed in San Francisco, Nevada. I love it!!!  Besides, you know what they say about rules?  Rules were meant to be broken.

4.    Try to pass a law that says we will arrest any and all who cross the border with dangerous materials ear marked for Yucca Mountain.  These materials would attract terrorists.  Question, could these people be treated as war criminals in Nevada War I?

5.    Ask the U.S. government, why not come here now and kill us?  Why wait 20-30 years for a slow death?

6.    Ask the U.S. government if they want us to secede from the union, since we are not treated as a part of it anyway.  Maybe we should beg Bush, Abraham, and the whole city of Washington D.C. to please throw us out of the union. There are really only forty-nine states and a garbage dump.

7.    Who said extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice?  Answer, Barry Goldwater.  Who would have agreed with him?  JFK, FDR, and Reagan.  Since Nevadans are trying to defend their liberty, who should agree with them?  The Nevada Governor.

8.    Remind Mr. Bush that you won the state of Nevada in the 2000 election.

9.    Turtle inspections:  Nevada does turtle inspections in some areas on land, when residents want to build a house on the property.  Why not have one on the Yucca Mountain site at $500 dollars for every 9 quarter inches of space used, which would be our special projects rate discount.

10.    Decide that if this is not going to be a real fight, stop using tax payer dollars to file papers.  Then on the money we save the Governor can at least repeal the recent illegal tax increase.

11.    Bar Robert Maxim from ever coming back to Nevada.

12.    Maybe the 2006 governor will take care of it.

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