Message to Mr Bush

1.    Tear down this repository, Mr. Bush.  (Thank you great communicator)

2.    I expect to hear from you soon.

3.    Mr. Bush, you won Nevada in the 2000 election.

4.    Give back the four votes from the 2000 election.  You took an oath in January 2001, which includes telling the truth.  Question: Have you, as a man of God, lied to Nevadans?  You know the answer.  If you have lied, give Al Gore the four votes and make it retroactive to the year 2000.  We can cancel the 2004 election and give Gore the four years that he deserves.  Otherwise, please live up to your word.  Besides we all know that the 2000 election had an aura (owra) about it, it smailed!!!

5.    I expect there will be a confrontation in January 2005 in Washington D.C. on this issue.

6.    And it won’t be long now.

7.    Mr. Bush, you won Nevada in the 2000 election.

8.    I’m tired of this business about sound science. While you have ignored that, who cares about sound science anyway?  What about putting something like this in people’s backyard without their approval?  It’s time to stand up, rise above your predecessors and end this.  Are you listening Mr. President?  We would like answers, we want the Yucca Mountain repository out of Nevada now!  We expect answers, and if you expect to win in 2004 you need to fulfill your promises of 2000.  And it won’t be long now.

9.    Mr. Bush, please come here now and do away with us.  Why wait for a slow death to our children, the kind Sadum, the dictator, might have put upon his people.

10.    Mr. Bush, didn’t you win Nevada in the 2000 election?

11.    Mr. Bush, remember your promises or remember this, “and help is on the way.”

12.    Question, which is a bigger offense, lying to a grand jury or lying in a campaign promise when it involves putting lives at risk?  Question, isn’t the killing of innocent children the equivalent of an abortion in your mind?  I thought you were pro-life.

13.    Question, who said if we refuse to fight for the dignity of truth, we have substituted expediency for justice?  Please call with your answer.  It has to be this way Mr. Bush.  This will be a part of your legacy.

14.    Mr. Bush, you are not through campaigning in Nevada, “and help is on the way.”

15.    Stand up to God and do his work.  You are among the chosen few in the world.  Your word is your life.  You liberated Iraq, now liberate Nevada.  You must fulfill your promises to the voters in order to go to the next level.  If not now!!!  When?

16.    I have only one more question to ask you.  Would you put this repository twenty miles from your home in Texas or possibly near Kenne Bunkport, Maine?  Sound science or not?  Mr. Bush, speak up please.  And it won’t be long now.

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