Message to John McCain

This topic bothers me because I like John McCain.  For some reason he has his nose up Nevada’s rear end.  He wants to stop college sports betting at sports books in Nevada.  Sports betting is part of our state’s industry.  Why is he attacking our way of life?  Doesn’t he know people are going to make these bets anyhow, with illegal bookmakers or with some student in a college campus dorm.  Who will catch the next group trying to shave points if Nevada is no longer involved?  Without college betting, people would have a desire to bet more on the NFL.  Does John McCain have a deal with the NFL, so that more people would make wagers on their games?  Maybe we need to form an ad-hoc committee, hire thirty lawyers and spend an enormous amount of money to investigate this.

In regard to Yucca Mountain, I haven’t heard John McCain lash out against anyone who does not support Nevada on this issue.  What about supporting a neighbor, Mr. McCain?  Why not be one?

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