Iraq, AlQueda

First of all, let’s start calling this World War III, because that’s what it is.

To any blowhards who think the Iraq war was concocted in Texas, where was Vietnam concocted?  Hyannis port!

In the late 90’s, when the inspectors left Iraq they had weapons of mass destruction.  Why don’t Republicans know how to defend this position?  Hussein had the weapons, we know he had them, the UN said he had them, and now five years later we come back and we feel we have to prove he had them.  We don’t have to prove anything.  He either hid them, destroyed them, or moved them and it was his job to show us and the UN where they were.  We are not responsible to play hide and seek.  Then we get attacked on 9/11 and our proper response was attack in Afghanistan.  Next, still feeling threatened, we make a list of what to do and/or where to attack next.  Hussein just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and he was next.

Question, in spring 2003 if we had not attacked Iraq what would we be doing?  Answer, we would probably still be in Afghanistan fighting terrorists, with probably close to the same troop strength as now and Afghanistan would be our base.  Also, we would have to deal with Iraq as they would still be a threat.  Republicans don’t know how to tell this story either.  There is no need to say that Hussein had the ability to produce WMD’s, or that it’s faulty intelligence, and that they had some sort of training camps for terrorists.  9/11 was the beginning of World War III.  There was no doubt that we were headed to the Middle East, and a confrontation with Iraq was coming.  We are there for fifty plus years, at least.  We are not leaving, we have a base in the Middle East and we are in a box.

Question, why are some people in the media getting bent out of shape because some POW has some women’s underwear on his head?  Answer, what if we had taken the same approach in WWII every time we pushed an enemy soldier around in order to get some answers so that we could get to Berlin?  By today’s standards General Patton, General Eisenhower and FDR would’ve all had to resign and maybe Germany might have won the war.  Also, by today’s standards, some people might call JFK an extremist during the Cuban Missile Crisis, because he wasn’t being nice enough to the enemy.  He was no different then FDR, Eisenhower, Nixon, Johnson, or Reagan.  He hated the enemy.  I can’t understand what is wrong with some people in this country.  They need to realize we are in a World War.  The enemy would like to eliminate us and return us to the year 1650, three thousand miles of dirt.

I know Bush did this with much thought, much prayer and for the right reasons.  Who cares how it came to be.  Can there be a bad reason to rid the world of Sadum, the dictator?  The problem is what makes anyone think that if we turn this back over to Iraq that they won’t do the same thing just like before.  Dictatorship is what they know.  They will be right back in the same position unless we stay there for many years and over see this.  People need to read chapter 3, page 27-46 of the book entitled, A Republic Not An Empire to open our minds as to just what are we doing.

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