Families, Tolerance


Families need one thing desperately.  It takes a father.  Mothers are already there 95% of the time.  This country needs fathers to stand up and do their job and for women to insist on it.  As far as parenting goes, I am not my children’s best friend, I am a parent.  Parent as defined by me:  A person who gives love and insists on exhibiting uncompromising discipline towards their child.  Only blockhead nibknobs think it takes a village.  This feminitwit idea of a village is nonsense.  It takes a mother and a father.


I have no tolerance for people who want others to be tolerant.  My statement for all of you tolerant people is, I want you to be tolerant of my non-tolerance.  Prove to me how wonderful you really are.  Here is one more thing I have no tolerance for.  The words to the song are “The Men Who Died,” not the one’s who died.  That’s the way it is and the way it was.  What it is, is what it is, not what it isn’t.  Maybe I have TOLERANCE SYNDROME.  I could possibly apply for a two thousand dollar per week payment from some unknown secret government program.

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