Take it Back

In the past few years we have heard words from John Rocker, Vijay Sinjh, Jeremy Shockey, Rush Limbaugh, Joe Namath, Paul Hornung, Papa Joe, Jerry Falwell, Gary Barnett, Hootie Johnson, Dusty Baker, Arnold Schwartzenneggar and maybe a few I haven’t mentioned.  Why do they want to take back what they said?  They said it, they meant it.  If you apologize, you still think it anyway, so what’s the point of the apology.  Unless they want to be nice, like me.  With that in mind I should probably take everything back before I say it.  In fact, I want an apology for all of these people’s apology.  The only ones who have any guts are that ex-ESPN guy (who is expected to do a fundraiser for me), Papa Joe, Schwartzenneggar and Baker.  They are taking nothing back.  I am not taking anything back either.  Now, if you want to put an apron on, take this back.

Now FOX news will be calling us, since I am fair and balanced…………. and nice!

Vijay should not have taken it back.  Then he probably would’ve won two or three Majors this year.  Maybe in 2005 he can give back what he took back and win all four Majors.  With this in mind, it has been hinted that the women’s golf tour will offer me a special ten year exemption to play on their tour (will need to bring a bag of cotton).  In addition, maybe I can get Christine Brennan to sponsor my arrival.  I will win every tournament I enter.  Why?  In order for them to win I would have to acknowledge their victory, which will not happen.

To add:  Martha Burke should be allowed into the Masters anytime she wants.  She should be allowed to serve drinks to a foursome of women of her choice.  They would play behind the final men’s foursome on Sunday.  They would tee off one hour after the final men’s foursome.  Of course, all spectators would be anxiously awaiting their arrival at the home hole.

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