1.    Charleston neighborhood preservation group (June 28th, 2004)

2.    Will be speaking all around Nevada in September and October, on this issue, as many possible times as I can

3.    Papa Joe’s radio show

4.    Debates- when and where to be determined

5.    Cheetah’s

6.    Rallies with bands, girls, and lots of hoopla, but no talking politics.  We don’t want to confuse the voters, by talking about the issues.  Quack Quack!  Will hopefully include a guest appearance by Melissa Marie to sing her new hit single that is in the works.  Bass guitar player Jamie may be on hand also.

7.    250,000 Nevada Women’s March on Washington D.C. to be held later this year (preferably first week in December).  We have gotten a tremendous response for this event.  We need as many women to march as are available.  We need women to stand by your man as he fights this battle for all of us here in Nevada.  We need men to stand by your woman as she marches to Washington D.C. for the cause.

8.    Fox news guest, could be on any of two or three different shows, especially any no spin zones

9.    EIB guest, to blast the host, one hour spot

10.    Kingdom Gentlemen’s Club, Pahrump, Nevada

11.    Madam Butterfly’s Bath and Massage, Pahrump, Nevada

12.    Alan Combs radio show

13.    Larry King show

14.    Baby kissing events

15.    The next time I give a speech will be my second time doing stand up comedy

16.    Golf courses

17.    Review Journal/Sun photo session, August 5, 2004

18.    October 23th, final rally, site to be determined, to include bands, girls, and more hoopla.  Will also be celebrating several other personal occasions.  All who attend will be expected to join in and sing.  We will introduce a new Christmas song that I am writing, titled “The Big Clock Noel is Coming to Town.”  There will be a special guest appearance by Raymond J. Johnson Jr.

19.    Will be appearing after the election in Goslow, Arizona to finally try and extract John McCain over to the Nevada side on some very important issues.

20.    Filmed television commercial for Fox TV 5, on 9/29/04.

21.    30 minute phone interview with reporter Erin Neff of the Review Journal, on 9/13/04.

22.    45 minute phone interview with reporter Ben Grove, the Washington D.C. based reporter for the Las Vegas Sun on 9/23/04.

23.    30 minute phone interview with reporter Anjennette Damon of the Reno Gazette on 10/11/04.

24.    Radio commercial featuring Melissa Marinch for KNEWS 970 AM Radio on 10/12/04.

25.    10 minute phone interview with reporter Emily Bristful of the Las Vegas City Life on 10/21/04.

26.    2 hour campaign meeting.  A major strategy shift, as Kerry inserts Clinton into the campaign, Marinch inserts Sandra.  Texas hotel 9-11pm 10/25/04.

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