Thank Yous

1.    My father:  With whom I discussed something like this involvement in politics and other career ideas.  Once I announced it to him, there was no going back on following through.  He told me “I know you’re going to try something different and I hope I can be there.”

2.    My family:  My wife, Donna, and children, Melissa, Mark, and Michael.  They are all special.

3.    Father Ed:  Probably the finest man I’ve ever known.  Has been there with guidance and friendship throughout my life.  Thank you.

4.    Elvis:  There are no down times in life, just put on an Elvis song (especially gospel), and you are right back up before anyone knows you were down.

5.    Sandra, cousin:  One of my biggest supporters in life, who thinks I’m the greatest man in America.  I wish she lived in Nevada so she could campaign and vote for me.  She still has a wonderful future, more then likely as a writer.

6.    My uncles:  John, Carl, and Ed.  Also Bill, John, Tony, and Pinky (all deceased).  Cousins:  Paul and Denise (deceased).  Friend:  Steve, a masterpiece (deceased).  All have helped me in my life no matter how small or large their contribution.  The ones deceased are truly missed and I wish they could be here for this.  Some of them missed their chance, maybe I can get it for them.

7.    Special thanks:  To Lois Avery, our leader of the Natural Law Party in Nevada.

8.    Friends:  You know who you are, most of you have been with me for many years.  Question, why is this?  There is no way out!!!

9.    Special thanks:  Christie Geiser, Lindy Johnson, and the staff in the election division of the Secretary of State office in Carson City.  Maxcine Blackwell and the staff in the Secretary of State office in Las Vegas.

10.    My mother:  A most special thank you to my mother who, good or bad, has been by my side my whole life.

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