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Representing the Natural Law Party I have been nominated and I have accepted my party’s nomination for Nevada United States Senator in 2004 (Two thousand and fowa).  Now let’s take back Nevada.

Gary Marinch TCB for Nevada

1 Election

1 Candidate

1 Issue

There are no other issues, this is the issue.

There are no other issues this is the only issue.

Thank you to all who voted for me in the 2004 Nevada U.S. Senate election.  We received a record 10 votes for every dollar spent.  I have a message for Mr. Bush, Mr. Guinn, and every senator and congressman in Washington D.C.  When I become governor in 2006, I will do what a governor should do.  I will take the Nevada national guard up to Yucca Mountain and dismantle that repository, and defy the U.S. government to stop me.  It will be a replay of the early 1960’s and George Wallace vs. JFK, only I will be in the right and all Nevadans will be with me, except Papa Joe.  I can assure you the last chapter has not been written.  As a newly crowned political operative, I can state that all indicators show that I will be able to raise one billion dollars for the 2006 Nevada governor campaign.

Our Poll

Gary Marinch   69%                                       Website designed by:
Harry Reid        18%                                       Morgan Schefflin
Thomas Hurst     6%
David Schumann 6%
Richard Ziser      1%

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1.    Yucca Mountain

2.    Term limits

3.    Pork (on a bill)

There is only one issue at center stage with regard to Nevada, Yucca Mountain.  A U.S. Senator can only do so much for Nevada when voting on issues because most affect the whole country.  Local officials have to deal with these issues here in the state as they come up.  One issue has Nevada written all over it when the Senate and Congress vote (Yucca Mountain).

I have no intention to win friends.  My job is to not get along.  I will fight, disrupt, confuse, obviscate, ingominiate and caboodilate until Nevada gets a favorable resolution on this issue.  The best thing is that I don’t want to be there.  What Nevada is doing now is not working.  We are wearing suits, hiring lawyers, spending money, filing papers and trying to get along.  They don’t even know or care who we are.  They have no respect at all for Nevada.  I will bring this issue to the table everyday, all day long, in every meeting, even in meetings I’m not supposed to be at.

We are fighting a public relations battle on this issue and we don’t even know how to fight it.  Why are we talking about Yucca being ninety miles from Las Vegas.  Let’s talk about how it’s approximately twenty miles from Armagosa Valley.  Don’t they count, also?  To all the people in Carson City, Reno, Lake Tahoe etc., don’t feel left out because Yucca Mountain is so far away from you.  If they win this battle we all lose.  The next thing they dump on this state, could be up north.  Let’s circle the wagons now.

What we need to do is decide where to put the waste.  How about shove it up the rear ends of all these people who think they are miserable experts on what sound science is?  For example, Tom Osborne of Nebraska, who knows nothing about steroids but is a nuclear waste expert.  Governor Bill Richardson from New Mexico, another expert, and Ms. (miserable) Blockhead Congresswomen from Georgia.  What does she know anyway?  Isn’t her nose in enough other places?  She should be fulfilling her role in life as a dishbag and bake some cookies, also David Hobson of Ohio, Larry Craig of Idaho, and Conrad Burns of Montana.  Then we have Chuck Hagel, another Nebraska expert.  We have so many experts in Nebraska we can move the waste there and they can watch it day and night.  John Shimkus of Illinois, he and his friends should visit Yucca Mountain on a junket, paid at the industries expense.  They should stay at the site for six months in a tent, then tell us about sound science.  John Sununu can join all of them.  Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, of course a nuclear waste expert for the better part of a hundred and eighty five years.  How about in the backyard of any other carpetbagger senator or congressman we can find, all blowhard experts.  These no count pieces of trash, who exactly do they think they are?  Question, how many of these people would be willing to live in Armagosa Valley for five years after the repository was up and running at full capacity?  Republicans and Democrats are both in on it.  Why?  If Yucca is stopped, who will say they want it in their state?  We are waiting for an answer.  Speak up, please.

The other two issues affect Yucca like this.  I want to put one bill before the senate.  “Remove the nuclear waste repository from Yucca Mountain in Nevada.”  I want no other issues on the bill, no pork will be necessary.  I am prepared to fight all other senators 98 to 1 (excluding Ensign), one at a time, nose to nose, face to face about this, right on the senate floor.  I have no intention of going through hoops to get my bill to the floor for a vote.  Now we have pork and term limits.  Two terms in the senate or congress (not including President) that’s it.  Only two terms in Washington.  These people have been there too long, they need to leave.  After twenty-thirty years all they care about is getting re-elected.  They are all on committees and they load up bills with garbage and pass votes around.  It’s like a legal payoff system. Backroom deals.  They owe lobbyists and are owed.  Let’s make a deal.  This is a farce and we pay the bill.  At the same time they don’t have the guts to fight the real war on drugs and border protection.  Why?  They don’t want to step on anyone’s toes because they need to get I, me, myself and I bleeping re-elected.  The Republicans and Democrats are really not at odds.  In the end, they both wind up voting together to spend money.  They vote to spend money on things they don’t want, just to get what they do want.  That is the pork.  Then after hours, they all go to the same parties and get along.  I want to crash the party.

Recently, an article appeared in the Las Vegas Review Journal on June 25th 2004, saying that there was not enough funding for Yucca and they might have to lay off workers.  This is BS!  They’re trying to appease us in a campaign season.  Question, who wants to bet that the funding will show up in 2005.  They can fund a billion dollar war, but can’t find money for Yucca Mountain.  Question, who is lying now?  Then another article appeared in the Las Vegas Review Journal on July 10th 2004.  It says that Nevada won a court ruling.  So now lets cheer, it must be over.  We have won, and here is more political campaign nonsense.  It is designed to make us fall asleep.  It’s not hard.  We can’t get off the track here.  This is a smokescreen.  If we have won and it’s over, then the governor should already have a crew at Yucca taking it all apart.  Question, whose payroll is Bob List on anyhow?  There is one possible explanation for the ruling of the judges on July 9, 2004.  They heard I was coming.  They read on May 15, 2004 of my filing to run for office and also heard of my first speaking session on June 28, 2004 with the Charleston Neighborhood Preservation Group and saw my website, which was up as of July 2, 2004.  By July 9, 2004 they backed off and ruled in favor of Nevada.  It must be working already.  The problem is that articles on July 13, 2004 and July 14, 2004 in the Las Vegas Review Journal tell us that the U.S. government and the Department of Energy are to continue work at the repository.  I guess that means it’s time for us to file more papers.  What we have here is a battle shaping up.  It’s Marinch vs. The United States Government.  It’s not a fair match, but who cares what happens to the U.S. government as long as Nevada gets that repository moved out of here.  (Thank You E.B.)

We already have enough spots in Nevada that a terrorist might attack:  Boulder Dam, Nellis Air Force Base, any Casino and now Yucca Mountain.  Question to Washington, how many more do we need?

There are thirty to fifty other issues I could talk about, some of which I have mentioned on this website.  If I was in a room with a hundred people we could talk all night on whether we agree or disagree about all these issues and still be at odds on most.  None are as important as Yucca Mountain to Nevadans.  We need to stand up now or stop wasting money and time and then just let it go.  We need to stop appeasing Nevadans with talk, this is an all or none battle.  I say let’s fight and let the chips fall where they may.

To all the people I know:  I hope I haven’t disappointed you.  You know I very seldom like to speak my mind.  If all goes well, by the time we are through the incumbent will vote for me.

About the Candidate

I am a former Republican, why is this?

I’ve been a real estate investor for 25 years.  I play golf three days per week, which gives me time to think about all of this.

My wife is a teacher, who thinks I’m the second greatest man in America.  The first is a florist in Ohio.  My daughter, Melissa, expects to record a song soon, that I am writing.  My eldest son, Mark, expects to play for the New York Yankees.  My youngest son, Michael, thinks that he is Spiderman.


1.    U.S. citizen

2.    Nevada resident for 28 years

3.    I have a problem with the U.S. government and its treatment of Nevada

4.    I have concerns about the future of this state

5.    I have no experience in politics, so I haven’t broken any campaign promises

6.    I owe no one political favors

7.    I will not accept any pork on the one and only bill I plan to propose at this time

8.    I want to impose term limits on myself.  I do not choose this as a career. I will be in a miserable mood when I arrive in Washington.                                                                                                                                                                             Question? do you feel that you have arrived?  For the answer call The North American Dream builders (George Metz).

9.    I am ready to fight.  There will be no comfort when I arrive.

10.  I won my party’s primary

11.   I have apprenticed for 20 years at the North Gym

Other positions I have held:

1.    President, co-founder and general manager of The Superfly Club

2.    President of The Penthouse Gang’s Club

3.    Instigator

4.    Nit picker

5.    Obviscator

6.    Part time journalist position has been offered to me by W-O-MEN

7.    Have been asked to be the cheer miester for W-O-MEN (http://www.w-o-men.com) in 2005

8.    Manager of a limited liability company

9.    Owner of a beauty salon, “Style Seven” aka Blabbermouth’s (franchises available)

10.  25 year association with SMS and associates, a multi-faceted organization which has brought untold love and success to all who have been touched.

Positions I may hold in the future:

1.    Journalist for W-O-MEN (http://www.worldorgmen.com) or USA Today

2.    May write the Win With Whyin comic strip

3.    Idea man for E.I.B

4.    Teach a real estate seminar on how to make your first deal as a real estate exchanger

5.    Fundraiser

6.    I am looking at a job with major league baseball as a Mr. Fix it.  Will solve runaway salary and cost problems.  This is an easy fix, with the solution already in hand.

7.    Start a company that will design websites.  We will undoubtedly be the leader in political innovative websites.

What my wife says to Nevadans:  “If you want him, you can have him.”

What”s TCB


One election, one candidate, one issue.

Take care of Nevada’s business.

There are at least thirty issues people would like to talk or hear about.  In Nevada we need to take care of business on one issue,


Most all other issues affect all states equally.  There aren’t many issues where one state is being abused, run over, and used like this one.  If we don’t fight this issue now in the senate, then let’s stop spending money on it, accept it and move on.  I say let’s fight now and take care of Nevada’s business.

Natural Law Party

I give my thanks to the Natural Law Party and their Nevada representative of many years, Lois Avery, for helping with my candidacy.  For more information go to Natural Law Party

Casinos, Taxes

Casinos are the main industry of our state.  I can understand that we need to tax casinos to bring in revenue.  I don’t feel that every time we have a problem we should ask the casinos to solve the problem and tax them to death.  We should treat them fairly and stop trying to drive them to bankruptcy.  After all, they are our livelihood.  I guess I need to be involved in politics a little longer, so that I may grasp the concept of a state putting a stranglehold on its bread and butter industry.  I’m in favor of a tax reduction to all casinos, that will help increase growth, profits, and jobs.

2004 Election

I would prefer Bush/Gore II.  It would be a much better race and make great show time.  I’m not sure why the Democrats let Howard Dean go.  All because he made a comment to some guy at a rally in Iowa he seemed to lose all of his momentum.  He was the threat.  He energized the party.  Kerry can’t even energize his wife.  She’s the emotion who stirs things up.  It would seem that to unseat a popular incumbent in the middle of a war, one would need some of that Dean emotion.  Kerry should stop talking about Vietnam.  Democrats in 1998 said there is no need to talk about sex and the past.  Vietnam is thirty plus years old.  Talk about the economy and how we have no possible way out of the Middle East.  There is no way out.  It is World War III.

I would not be upset if Kerry wins, because if he loses then we could be stuck with Hilary in 2008.  Then we would have eight more years of nonsense.  The worst of it is that by 2016 we will have completed thirty-six years of Bush and Clinton (including the eight years of Bush 41 as vice president).  This, I do not think, is good for the country.

I have received a vote of confidence from a Ted Kennedy supporter.  He stated that we are going to work on the 2004 campaign to get rid of this thing on the national level.

I would support Pat Buchanan and Alan Keyes in anything they do.

Our Presidential poll shows: Bush at 38%, Kerry at 37%, Marinch at 22%, and Nader at 3%.  I’m over one half as popular as either one and I’m not even running for President.

War on Nevada

War was declared on Nevada many years ago.  It is now Nevada vs. U.S. Senate/Congress and Secretary of Energy, Spencer Abraham and his little Department of Energy.  The Senate and the house act like the enemy, they are not our friends on the issue of Yucca Mountain.  We can call this Nevada War I.  We can also call this “Nevada Held Hostage by the United States Government.”  We don’t count.  Hilary Clinton said it on national television during the 2000 election mess in Florida.  She stated that the electoral college needs to be eliminated, and others supported her, but few opposed her.  Not that they care about Nevada anyway, but why would any presidential candidate come here again if there was no electoral college?  All they would need, would be to get close to half of the votes in the state.  They would not need to win the state.  The base of the party would take care of those votes.  If you only need to win the popular vote then you campaign in the twelve to fifteen states with the greatest population to secure the maximum number of votes that you might need.  Part of the reason for the electoral college is so that all states, no matter how small, have a voice.  Hilary Clinton’s comments were a direct attack on Nevada and other minority states that have nine or less electoral votes.  Let’s silence the minority.  Is this the future policy of Washington D.C.?  We must treat this like a war and fight like it is one.

Question, might the founding fathers not called the elimination of the electoral college treason?

Reparations in Advance

The United States government needs to give five hundred thousand dollars per person immediately to anyone who is a Nevada resident as of July 4th 2004.  This should be paid immediately in advance of the outcome on Yucca Mountain.  This is due just because of the harassment of our residents and the nature of this murderous attempt.  This payment will give all Nevadans the opportunity to move on or they can stay knowing that Yucca may be here for good.  This is the only alternative plan that is acceptable.

We should give double reparations to all residents who work or worked at Yucca Mountain.  Also, some payment should be made for those who worked at Yucca, but are no longer residents.  Some may say, where is the money coming from?  Who cares!  The government should spend money like water or like the Yankees and Red Sox.  They should spend money till they grow so big they burst.  Then they can dismantle both and the government, like baseball, can clean house and start over.  Employees of both can work work for eight dollars an hour to start, if you qualify.

What a Governor Should Do

1.    A governor is in position to really fight this battle. Maybe, he could mobilize the Nevada National Guard and have them go up and dismantle the Yucca Mountain repository.

2    Have a session of lawmakers in Nevada, draw up a resolution in Nevada that makes it unlawful to lie to Nevadans in an election where eventual harm or injury will occur.  Make it retroactive to 2000 and immediately take back the four electoral votes and give them to Al Gore.  Declare him the winner and give him four full years.  No Presidential election will then be needed in 2004.

3.    Try to pass a Nevada law that says we will put out a warrant, extradite and bring to trial all who voted in favor of Yucca Mountain in the Senate and Congress.  The charge could possibly be attempted murder.  Hire a law firm and pay them ten million dollars to get the proper wording for this law. Make this retroactive to whenever we want.  The tax increase in the late 90’s was retroactive, and therefore, this precedent allows anything to be retroactive.  Some will say you can’t do that (a phrase spoken to me many times in my life).  That’s ok, we can rename a small town in Nevada and call it San Francisco, Nevada because in San Francisco you make your own laws and do what you want.  All laws now get passed in San Francisco, Nevada. I love it!!!  Besides, you know what they say about rules?  Rules were meant to be broken.

4.    Try to pass a law that says we will arrest any and all who cross the border with dangerous materials ear marked for Yucca Mountain.  These materials would attract terrorists.  Question, could these people be treated as war criminals in Nevada War I?

5.    Ask the U.S. government, why not come here now and kill us?  Why wait 20-30 years for a slow death?

6.    Ask the U.S. government if they want us to secede from the union, since we are not treated as a part of it anyway.  Maybe we should beg Bush, Abraham, and the whole city of Washington D.C. to please throw us out of the union. There are really only forty-nine states and a garbage dump.

7.    Who said extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice?  Answer, Barry Goldwater.  Who would have agreed with him?  JFK, FDR, and Reagan.  Since Nevadans are trying to defend their liberty, who should agree with them?  The Nevada Governor.

8.    Remind Mr. Bush that you won the state of Nevada in the 2000 election.

9.    Turtle inspections:  Nevada does turtle inspections in some areas on land, when residents want to build a house on the property.  Why not have one on the Yucca Mountain site at $500 dollars for every 9 quarter inches of space used, which would be our special projects rate discount.

10.    Decide that if this is not going to be a real fight, stop using tax payer dollars to file papers.  Then on the money we save the Governor can at least repeal the recent illegal tax increase.

11.    Bar Robert Maxim from ever coming back to Nevada.

12.    Maybe the 2006 governor will take care of it.